Build your Family!

Here is Step 1! You can add or remove people to assign the chores to.

With the subscribed version you can add and save all of your kids as well as more features like sending them texts when new chores have been assigned!

Coming Soon: Text Message your childs chores to them for the week!


Name Cell Phone # Remove

Add your Chores!

This is step 2. Once you have added your kids to your family, now you can add the chores for them to do!

Coming Soon: More Chores, the ability to add your own custom chores, more frequencies and the option of Points (instead of Allowances)!


Name Frequency Allowance Remove

Assign the Chores!

This is Step 3! This is the final step before the Calendar gets generated.

This Weeks Calendar!

This is the weekly calendar:

After you assign chores to your family, watch the calendar populate below!

Here you only get a week, but coming soon you get the current month where you can print it and stick it on your fridge!